A Bit About Me

Bonjour mon ami. I’m Noozhat Nashir, 28 years old, and A Hautenooz Affair is my petite fashion and travel blog. Here I will share my stories and help you navigate and rise above the world of fashion that typically doesn’t cater to the petite figure. And I will share my experiences as I travel the world to explore the best places to visit, to eat, to shop, and whatever else satiates our wanderlust!

Will you let me help you on your journey to discover an ever-evolving personal style? Will you take my travel research with you on your adventures so all you have to do is enjoy your journey?

A Hautenooz Affair

A serene sunrise from the marble balcony of my sanctuary, a home away from home, with ant-sized cruise ships appearing and disappearing in the aquatic horizon and a 500 feet-drop to the Southern Italian coastline below. A breakfast feast before me, a warm summer sea breeze flirting with my hair and lightly kissing my cheeks, with my love to my left, his hand in mine, followed by an eventful day of frolicking through the islands, treating myself to the catch of the day and a glass of Montepulciano after scouring the local and designer shops to get my daily dose of retail therapy.

That’s what dreams are made of…mine, at least.

Growing up, my family was poor. My parents did what they could to give my brother and me what we needed. Being as petite I was (still am!), we couldn’t afford flattering clothes that actually fit, so I was bullied for the way I dressed, along with my ethnicity (I’m South Asian American), and my height (4’11”), which made me ashamed of how small I was. We couldn’t go on any amazing trips during the summer or spring break, but my love of exploring the world and fashion was still kept alive by my obsession with all things art, languages, and books, with which I could be and have anything I wanted, go anywhere I could imagine.

But I’m finally at a point where I’m not only okay with who I am or where I come from, I’m proud. And all my dreams are becoming a reality.

These are the reasons I started A Hautenooz Affair. I can’t be the only one who’s felt this way, and have struggled with it…I know you are out there, silently reaching out and yearning for a connection with someone who understands. But I’m proof that you can get past these difficulties, love who you are, and finally, live life the way you had always envisioned.

That’s why I want to chronicle my amazing experiences, as they happen, shaped by my one-of-kind perspective given my unique background, with those of you who are currently or have been in a similar situation. To share everything I’ve learned, in spite of, and in light of, my mistakes and everything I’ve done right.

I’d love for you to join me in my journey…will you?

If you connect with any of these experiences, or would like to know more, please reach out: info@hautenooz.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Lets continue this affair on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Hope to see you around!