Please note that while we were comped a hotel stay and dinner at Galley at West Palm Beach, all opinions are honest and my own.

Let’s talk about our wanderlust souls, travel lovers! Always wanting to know about the next journey to the next destination! Never satisfied with traveling just a finite number of times, and always wanting to move, to adventure, to taste, see, smell, feel new things, to learn and discover uncertainty…am I speaking your language?

Traveling is amazing, and contrary to the popular belief that travelers are running from something, we are actually running towards something, to finding our true selves, to chasing happiness because we found that discovering other cultures, foods, and how it impacts their women and men, make us feel content, whole, humble…

West Palm Beach

While I’d love to just get up and go whenever I want, logistics tend to get in the way. This is especially true for international trips, because let’s face it, there a lot more involved with that than a road trip to the other end of the state. 

This year, for example, I haven’t gone out of the country yet, sadly…a little something called a destination wedding in Santorini is limiting my time and resources just a bit, so international trips have taken a backseat until October, the time of our wedding…

Reluctantly, we started doing weekend trips in the States and smaller trips in general, because again, that hunger for travel has been unbearable. In doing so, however, I’ve realized so many things, including how wrong I was to have only focused on international trips before. I mean we live in a vast and beautifully diverse country, and it should have never been a backup plan or a second choice…

West Palm Beach

And second, going to Savannah, GA, for example, made me almost as excited as going to Rome, because I was still learning about a new community of people, with its own colorful history, food, etc. I didn’t think this would happen, but was ecstatic when it did!

In doing these trips, I’ve also come to really enjoy the accommodations, and it’s become an awesome aspect of the trip itself. A hotel doesn’t have to be a place you only lay your head; it could be a place you mingle and meet all sorts of people from such different walks of life.

Christian and I have done quite a few short trips this year, a lot of them just for the day, and a few for the weekend. I want to go over a few tips I’ve picked up for doing short trips, as well as share a recent experience.

When doing such a short trip, I think it’s very important to be centrally located, because with the little time that you have, you don’t want to waste it driving to where you actually want to be! Also, you’ll probably make up the difference in price (as central locations cost a bit more) in saving gas prices, Lyft fairs, and most importantly, your time. Also, if the goal is to vacation, more so than travel, I’d suggest getting a hotel/resort with a lot of activities or options for such. This way, even if you pay a bit more for the accommodation, you don’t have to go anywhere else for the relaxation/entertainment portion of the trip-it’ll come with the hotel!

Hilton West Palm Beach

A couple of weekends ago, Christian and I decided to go to West Palm Beach for the weekend, staying at the Hilton West Palm Beach. It was an amazing experience overall, with the convenience of a bigger hotel brand with onsite restaurants, pools, etc. with the service and attention of a boutique hotel. Conveniently located, it was less than an 8 minute drive from the Palm Beach area to Worth Avenue (a $6 Lyft ride). 

Pool Area at Hilton West Palm Beach

We had a king suite with the pool view from the 8th floor, and absolutely loved it! It was very spacious even after we unpacked (and you know I packed for a month >_<) and the living room was perfect for separating our luggage from ourselves! The bathroom had a separate toilet area with a door, his and her sinks, and a huge shower! And also, a full length mirror by the door for that one last glance 😉

King Suite

The hotel had group exercise classes (palates, yoga, etc.) in the morning, restaurants, ice cream shop, all onsite! The pool area was marvelous and lively, giving us all the tropical vibes with palm trees, private cabana rentals, colorful and comfortable beach chairs and couches, etc. There was a pool party on Saturday, and absolutely delicious food at the onsite restaurant, Galley at West Palm Beach, with live music on Friday evening.

Private Cabana at the Pool Area at Hilton
Yummy cocktails at Galley at WPB

The drinks and food we had there were very much up to our high foodie standards! Our server, Destiny, just absolutely knew the menus inside out and upside down (if you ever have her when you’re down there, PLEASE tell her “Noozhat says ‘hi’”). Everything she suggested was amazing and exactly what I was looking for, and she figured that out just by speaking with me for a few minutes when we first got in! The manager also was very attentive and made sure we were having an unparalleled experience, and the live music was on another level.

Beef Empanada Appetizer at Galley WPB

If you’re looking for specific suggestions for food, I absolutely loved the empanadas for appetizer and the seafood pasta for entree (Christian had the snapper, also very good), and for drinks, the hibiscus cocktail was to die for! For dessert, the cookie with ice cream did not disappoint!!!

Florida Keys Snapper

Overall, I felt very well-cared for, welcomed, and my thirst for travel satisfied! Florida is so beautiful, with so many places to see and so much to do, and Hilton West Palm Beach definitely deserves to be on the must-dos list for all Floridians looking for a staycation, or anyone visiting the area!

I have posted many stories (saved to my highlights) and pictures on my Instagram from this trip, if you want/need more visuals!

We covered a lot, but I’d love to your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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