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All my life, I never really fit in. I always did my own thing #SplitFrom the pack, with my goals in laser focus, moving forward with an ambitious determination. When everyone chose right, I chose left, not for the sake of being different, but because different felt inherently the path for me. Which is why I pursued my Business Masters, when everyone expected me to go to medical school, after my Bachelor’s in Biology and Chemistry. This is the exact same reason, now that I have migrated to a technology role at a financial institution, I’m pursuing my creative talents with all my artistic energy in photography, social media marketing, and blogging.

So what does this have anything to do with dressing up sneakers, I’m sure you’re wondering…well, you see, they are related in their organic unconventionality…all these decisions I made that made me who I am, also dictate my personal style, and it’s only fitting that I style everything I wear in a unique way that defines my individuality…

Sneakers and tennis shoes are probably the most underestimated shoe category, usually being set aside for sportswear, athleisure, and at most, maybe casual outfits.

About a year ago, I came to terms with the fact that they have many purposes. Now I love how I can be so unique in my unconventional ways of styling them. In Reebok Sole Fury, I have found ones that are fashionable, provide proper support, and fit my individual style. With this discovery also came an expansion of my wardrobe and personal style. I want to share these uncommon outfits with you to, at least, spark some inspiration to hopefully help you take your sneaker style to the next level and #SplitFrom the conventional way of wearing them!

Here are some ways to dress up your sneakers in unorthodox ways:

  1. Pair a pair with a dress.

Here, I have on a sheath dress, but honestly, it will work with most dresses! A maxi dress with a leather jacket, for example, would look so amazingly relaxed chic!

Combined with a few cute accessories, there’s no doubt that you’d be taking your sneakers to the next level!

2. Try it with a pencil skirt and a cute blouse.

I have sequin pencil and that adds another level of glamour. Simple and feminine!

3. A mini-skirt.

Another from the skirt family, a mini skirt, sweater, and sneaker combo looks amazing and a must for the fall, spring (or winter if you live in a warm part of the world). So easy and fashionable!

4. A skinny jeans and blazer combo perfection.

The idea is simple: replace the suit trousers with a pair of skinny jeans for an extra dose of extraordinary chic. Enough said!

5. Other uncommon style ideas you should try:

  • Trousers, lose blouse and sneakers.
  • Shorts, with an over-the-top statement blouse, and a cute pair of sneakers.

The featured sneakers are the Reebok Sole Fury. With a highly unique and fashionable shape, the sneakers are so much more than just comfort! They provide great support for my feet, and are perfect for all-day wear. They are my new favorite, and would highly recommend them. They are true to size, so the size 5 fits perfectly. Click here for details!

Are there unique ways that you defy conventional style? Or in general, how have you defied the norm in you life? Comment below to let me know your story!


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