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So…what are shooties!?! Well, shooties are the perfect footwear that results from shoes and booties; they don’t provide as much coverage as booties, but a bit more than regular shoes! Why is this great!? Because it makes them the perfect transitional shoes. Because you can wear them during any season, with many different kinds of outfits, so they are super versatile! It really just depends on the rest of the outfit whether it’s a cooler weather look, or more of a warm, summer or spring look.

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear shooties. I hope the versatility I show you girls here inspires you to go out and try ’em on!

  1. With shorts: if you’re in summer, spring, or early fall, these little babies go perfectly with shorts. If it’s on the cooler side of fall or spring, you can easily wear them with a cute long sleeve blouse or sweater, as I do with the camel sweater.
Shooties with shorts and t-shirt
Shooties with shorts and sweater

2. With a dress: they are perfect for comfort and class. Just think of them as a snazzier substitute for sneakers. They are just as comfortable, but a bit more glam. To take it even further, pair them with some cute socks, such as pearl embellished or ruffled lace socks for a super cute look.

3. With jeans: During the cooler months, you can still rock your shooties, with jeans. Especially if they’ve got a more Oxford feel to them, they look gorgeous with skinny jeans or a looser fit, like straight legs or boyfriend jeans. Just remember to show off your ankles a bit for a clean and chic look that shows off your shoes entirely.

Shooties with boyfriend jeans
Shooties with skinnyjeans

My favorite pair at the moment is the Palermo Shootie by Revere Shoes in Navy Lizard. They are genuine leather upper and comes with removable comfort foot beds that provide great arch support, which I use because of my super high arches 🙁 I love that it also has a bit of a heel that adds about 1.5”. Given my height, every little bit helps (LOL). And they are petite (feet) friendly, offering sizes 5 and up! Given mine is in the versatile navy, it’s absolutely perfect for the fall, but they also come in two other beautiful colors.

Palermo shooties by Revere Shoes in Navy Lizard
Palermo Shooties by Revere Shoes

Thoughts on shooties? How do you like to style them? Would love to know so tell me below!


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