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Please note I was gifted the wines that I discuss here in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. Know that I would never promote a product in which I do not believe and would not recommend to my best friend.

I celebrated my birthday last weekend in Miami. It was a wonderful trip (another day, another post)! In prep for our celebrations on Saturday morning, we had brought some bottles of wine from Personal Wine (we like to consider ourselves ‘experts’ now after our many trips to Italy). So I wanted to share my experience of the company and the concept with you all.

Concept and Process

It’s a really cute concept and a super simple process. Once you open an account, just search for and pick out all the wines you would like. If you need help picking something out, you can actually start with a quiz to help the system figure out some recommendations for you based on your responses!

While all this is cool, the aspect of the this wine retailer that really stands out is the ability to personalize and customize the bottle, which makes it a perfect gift. I mean, wine already makes such an elegant present. However, unless you know the specific winery from which they like their wines and go out of your way to get them, it can still lack a personal touch. Personal Wine solves that problem. With different levels of personalization available, from label personalization, which is usually included, to engraving. You can select and edit pictures with the tool on their site (or as I did, upload an already edited picture) and customize the label with with a custom pattern or the picture, or have the customization be etched onto the bottle through an engraving.

Buying in bulk is available as well for those of us that are extra enthusiastic about the idea 🤩😂

In addition to wine, Personal Wine also has wine accessories and glassware, so it’s a one-stop-shop for the wine lover! Check out the link here.

My Experience and Thoughts

To celebrate Christian and my birthday weekends and our anniversary (all fall within a month of each other, poor guy), I got several customized bottles, with pictures of us in Amalfi. They made for perfect gifts for the occasions. And he actually loves the bottle more than the wine itself! Once we emptied the bottle (took about two hours 😭), it was great to have such a personalized keepsake. I’d definitely recommend you giving it a try, especially since their collection is vast that you’ll most likely find exactly what you love, even if you’re picky like me (I love a Brunello di Montalcino, and that’s exactly what I was looking for and found!).

Have you tried the Personal Wine experience!? Let me know below!


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