Have you ever wondered how celebs strut the streets, wearing the most ‘impractical’ and hard-to-wear tops or dresses, looking gorgeous and without missing a beat? Or better yet, without a nip-slip or flashing anyone?

You’d never even thought about buying that top, because let’s face it, how are you going to wear THAT? What bra would you wear, and even if you wear a strapless, you know you’re going to spend the entire time pulling it up to make sure it stays in place and doesn’t end up around your waist.

I’ve been there and was there until very recently.

The secret to a chic look that looks clean and sleek usually lies behind the scenes. Usually part of an outfit that you don’t see per se, but without it, you get the feeling that something is missing, something that would take your style to the next level of chic, and something that would make you stand out from the crowd…

Now I just want to share with you some of my secrets. Some of these tips significantly changed my life. They changed how I shop by opening what I’m comfortable wearing, and wearing without looking sloppy, to a whole world of limitless options that I really couldn’t consider for a variety of fashion logistics reasons, some of which I’ve already mentioned.

  1. Adhesive Silicone Cover-Ups

This first product, adhesive silicone cover ups, literally changed my life. Before I knew about these little helpers, I would avoid tops that had unique cuts or shapes, or required going bra-less! But then one day I saw these, and thought I’d give it a try, because I was tired of buying multi-way bras that never properly fit in any way! And girl, I learned what I had been missing! I could wear anything, without having to worry about my straps showing, or the texture of the bra protruding through a silk or satin cami–EEK! They really turned out to be miracle workers, and I just couldn’t believe that I was only discovering them now!

I’ve tried several different types, but by far, my favorites are silicone adhesive cover-ups from Hollywood Fashion Secrets, and they are really cheap (around $13 USD, I believe, linked below)! You can actually use them over and over again, as long as you follow the directions to keep them clean (save the plastic backings—this helps with the longevity and cleanliness).

I actually don’t like the suction adhesive free ones that that claim to work off of your body heat…It sounds awesome and magical, and I’ve spent a lot of money on them based on these claims, but they sort of…just fall off! But you may feel differently, so give them a try if you want and find what suits your body and makes you feel comfortable! Either way, whichever you decide works for you, you don’t have to worry about bras, or straps showing, or keeping the strapless from falling, or having a different bra for each of the different types of tops you have, etc., giving you an altogether cleaner, more polished look!


  1. Double-sided Fashion Tape

Next up, is fashion tape, which are also great little lifesavers. This really comes in handy when you want to wear flowy, super low-cut tops or dresses, without flashing the world every time you move…These double-sided strips of magic just hold your attire in place, just like the name suggests! I find myself using these a lot when I wear a low-cut top, which would fly apart at the slit every time there’s a bit of wind, so I just tap it to hold it in place, and it works like magic.

It also saved my boyfriend’s big day when the seams in his suit pants came undone, so I pulled these out, we temporarily taped the hem in place, and he made it through his big meeting without a hitch!

I found that these work best when the tape is touching fabric on both sides, but it could theoretically work on skin as well…whatever works for you! My favorite brand is, again, Hollywood Fashion Secrets!

This, combined with adhesive cover ups, have formed the key to a flawless and polished look over and over again. I keep them handy in my purse, especially when I’m wearing anything that could be questionable in terms how securely it stays attached to my body! I’ve linked my favorites below for your convenience! (As a reference, I wear a medium tone and it works great with my skin color, but honestly, the colors are really close so it wouldn’t matter too much).

  1. Stealthy and Appropriate Underwear

This next tip is more of a general guideline than a specific product. Simply enough, is to choose your underwear carefully! It’s not chic, and definitely not classy, when the lining of your panties show through a pair of tight jeans or skirt. There are so many options, so please take some time to explore them. There’s a right pair for the outfit so choose wisely. If you are uncomfortable wearing thongs, no worries, get seamless underwear! Just remember that you have options!

  1. Become Besties with Your Tailor

Okay, so this next tip, is super important for everyone, but we petite women will probably using it much more often, because there’s nothing worse than a poorly fitted outfit! Find a tailor that knows what she’s doing, have a great relationship with her, and keep her on speed dial! While it’s great to find clothes that fit perfectly at the time purchase, it’s usually not the case, especially for petite women (more on this struggle at another time). But it doesn’t mean you don’t buy that amazing top you found on sale and fell in love with! Just take it to your best friend, aka your tailor, and get it fitted. Simple!

  1. AND Your Shoe Guy!

The same goes for shoes; find a good repair place you can trust. Trust me, I know the struggle of walking around town in gorgeous heels, only to ruin them by stepping in a crack on the sidewalk. But you don’t have to get rid of the shoes that’s so near and dear to your heart, just get those heel or tips replaced! Nothing ruins an outfit like damaged heels, because just as easily shoes can make an outfit, they can also break it!


  1. Let Your Bodysuits Do the Work

Last but not least, and one of my favorite tricks, is more of a style suggestion as well. That is, to wear more bodysuits! They just complete a neat and polished look, as they stay tucked and in place while you’re living your busy and fab life! Tightly fitted body suits look best with boyfriend or straight cut jeans, but you have more options with a loosely fitted one. I usually find really great affordable styles and options at Guess by Marciano (especially when they have a clearance sale), as their sizes run small, but have found a couple that worked from H&M as well. I’ve linked some of my trendy favorites below, INCLUDING the the one I’m wearing in these pictures!


What are some tips I missed? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. First, the outfits in this post are on point!
    Second, I totally agree with you on Adhesive Silicone Cover-Ups. They are a game changer! I love backless tops and dresses and they are so necessary for making the outfit work.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read it, babe…I love sharing tips that have helped me, because I just can’t be the only one who is struggling 🙂

  2. I’ll have to try out the hollywood fashion secrets silicone coverups! I’ve tried some other brands too but they never seem to work for me. They always fall off. Thx for the recommendations.

  3. Your pictures and the outfit are so high class! I love the tips you provided. I’ve been weary of the bra substitutions because my girls are big but this gives me some hope!

    • Thanks for reading, love! Please let me know how these work out for you–the best part is they are pretty cheap, unlike some other brands I tried…makes it easier to test, and if you like them, easy to keep restocking! 🙂

  4. I’m going to have to try the silicone cover-ups in this post. I bought some from Victoria’s Secret and they are so obvious…it looks like I have mutant nipples! LOL thanks for the suggestions!

    • I know me too–but ever since I started wearing the cover ups, I have no worries at all! Just buy whatever I want, and I want all ladies to feel that kind of freedom!


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